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Captivating Trio JEMS Kick the Year Off with New Single "The Weather"

JEMS' latest single, "The Weather," is a triumphant testament to the trio's artistry, emotional depth, and resilience. Renowned for their alternative folk sound, JEMS brings forth a passionate composition that transcends the boundaries of mere music and delves into the realms of profound emotion.

The genesis of "The Weather" is as intriguing as the song itself. Born from a vivid dream and an emotionally charged writing session in Nashville, this single serves as the first glimpse into JEMS' highly anticipated sophomore album, "Back Around." Collaborating with Emily Reid, known for her work with artists like Mickey Guyton and Elle Duke & The Reklaws, Jessica, one-third of JEMS, brought forth a deeply personal experience rooted in a troubling dream. The resulting song is a seamless blend of voices and perspectives, speaking to the inner strength and peace required to weather life's storms.

What makes "The Weather" stand out is not just its captivating lyrics, inspired by Jessica's intense dream, but also the trio's dedication to capturing the live experience in the recording. The songwriting session, therapeutic in nature, marked the first time JEMS collaborated with someone outside of the trio. The result is a composition that not only resonates emotionally but also authentically captures the essence of their live performances.

As the first song from "Back Around," the forthcoming album promises an expansive journey filled with enchanting harmonies, adventurous instrumentals, and compelling storytelling. Produced by Justin Glasco and JEMS, the album features collaborations with notable musicians, including Adam Tressler, Adam Christgau, and Francisco Ojeda. This blend of talents ensures that "Back Around" is poised to be a captivating musical experience.

JEMS' track record includes a successful debut album and notable performances, such as touring with She & Him in 2022 and a live appearance on NPR’s World Cafe. "The Weather" is expected to further solidify their standing, resonating with fans as a powerful favorite that captures the essence of their live shows. The unique connection to a cross-country solar eclipse pilgrimage in 2017, reflected in the album's cover art, adds an extra layer of depth to this circular and encompassing musical journey.

In "The Weather," JEMS has not just created a song; they've crafted an experience—an emotionally charged masterpiece that invites listeners into a world where music becomes a powerful force, capable of weathering the storms of life.

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