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Carisman Teams Up With King & White to Release Summer Hit “Don’t Let Go”

Carisman is here to drop an alluring new summer hit with the release of his Tommy Boy debut single “Don’t Let Go”. The incognito musician teamed up with up and coming artists King & White to create the perfect deep house summer anthem. King & White have been in the industry for a while and can be best known from their hit single Rock This Club featuring Cimo. The collaboration entails a message all can relate to with King & White’s smooth vocals over a groovy and mesmerizing production by Carisman. There is no doubt that Carisman knows how to make an EDM hit considering his history of successful releases under several labels such as Spinning’, Armada, 3Beat, Cr2 Records and Subliminal. Carisman is ready to venture out with this latest banger.

The song arrives with a high-hat note followed by a brief explosion then leads into the beat as if Carisman was preparing us for greatness. There is no doubt that Carisman is an experienced EDM god. Throughout the song we can identify classic EDM factors such as manipulation of “Oh”. The manipulation leaves auditors in a mesmerized daze by raising and lowering the pitch of the “Ohs” and having layers of different beats of the main line leading up to the climax of the song. The mixing is not the only admirable aspect on this song, but also the vocals of King & White. The message conveyed in the song is one everyone can relate to, with lyrics such as: “ Every time we cross the line we never let go now, don’t ever let go now. Burning bridges as we go, we never let go now, don’t let go now.” The message here is to never let go of the person you care about; this could be your significant other, sibling, parent, child, and/or friend. No matter what goes on or happens in life, you will have someone that will always be there for you. With a message like this over a captivating beat, the combination is perfect for a summer hit. This banger is definitely one to blast anywhere, no matter where you ar.

To spice up the pack, Tommy Boy and Carisman have enlisted a team of remixers including Kenny Hectyc, Serbsican, MKLY & Sides, DANNY TIME & JVNK, and PARALAX, each bringing a new vibe to the already banging tune.

Make sure to check out the new single and the remixes!

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