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Carlos Vara Fights to Feel with ‘Numb’ [VIDEO]

The last couple of years for newcomer Carlos Vara have been a turbulent time full of highs and lows.   He explains, “I grew up a pastor’s kid from South Carolina and moved out to Nashville on my own, mid senior year of high school to pursue music.  The past 2 years have been full of self discovery, coming to terms with my sexuality, and trying to figure out life on my own.

Now, with the release of his debut single, “Numb”, Carlos Vara is ready to invite people into his world as he sheds his soul in song.  The emotionally powerful and nostalgic tune sees him deliver a captivating performance on top of a booming classic sounding production.  His upbringing in the church clearly evident via the chords, background vocals and raw unhindered delivery.

My music is a representation of me and all of the pain, beauty, excitement, and raw emotion I’ve been through and go through.”  For me, every bit of his successes and failures can be heard in his vocals here.  A true connection can be felt in the lyrics and delivered directly to the listener in a beautifully accessible way.

The dynamic release transforms from beginning to end with Carlos leading the way with his vocals.  A smart arrangement, instrumentation and all around captivating production perfectly support the vocals and together they create an undeniable vibe that is sure to hit deep.

Such a solid debut.

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