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Caroline Kole Keeps The Tunes Coming

Based in Nashville, Florida born artist Caroline Kole has been performing now for more than half of her life.  Starting at just 8 years old, she began to perform at the beach bars by her house, before eventually being spotted by Reba McEntire during a performance in Nashville.  From there, the then Country artist was able to secure a management deal and publishing deal and went on to perform alongside of the biggest names in the Country scene. 

After proving herself as a budding Country star, Caroline alike decided to take a year off from performing to focus on writing new tunes – it was at this point that she began to transition from Country crooner to Pop princess.  While putting the pen to paper, she began to pull more influence from her favorite Pop artists than she did Country idols.  After releasing a couple of well received singles, it is safe to say Caroline Kole is well on her way to penetrating the Pop world. 

Having recently released her latest single, “Strawberry Lip Smacker”, Caroline Kole has returned with a fire remix from EDM mainstay Sam F.  While Caroline dominates the vocals with catchy hooks and relatable lyrics, Sam F pumps up the energy with a radio friendly, Future Bass inspired production.  Allowing the vocals to shine in the verses, Sam F relies on chill rhythms and beautiful melodies before leading up to a pumping drop dominated by a funky lead synth that penetrates the brain delivers the vibes. 

While her latest release may be a far cry from the Country music she grew up on, Caroline Kole is having no trouble proving herself as an artist worth a listen (or a thousand).  This is a fun, feel good, summertime prime kind of jam.  Give it a spin and add it to your bins.

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