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Carter Rubin Fast Forwards into our Hearts with "Time Machine"

Carter Rubin from Season 19 of The Voice Fame delivers a soulful pop track with "Time Machine", that not only warps my mind with its purity but takes me back to my childhood and its shattering.

This New York-born Singer Songwriter Carter Rubin gives us that perfect pop ballad montage track, the one you hear in Time Square as the lights go off, the ads blare and the people bustle, but all you can think about is them, the person you miss, the heart you broke, the one who broke your heart.

It's a track layered with spiritual pianos, high rising lyrical finesse and some harmonies that snap a tear from my eyes and leaves me staring at the sky.

Carter Rubin is a hopeful noise amongst the soft pop library and "Time Machine" is a glorious track.

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