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Cartier Dré Is On His Grind in "No Sleep"

Miami Hip Hop artist Cartier Dré is back with an addictive anthem for everybody who’s on their grind entitled “No Sleep”. An ode to those who will always go the extra mile “No Sleep” provides listeners with a new, unique lyrical cadence. Equally in tune with his emotions and the party-boy lifestyle, the new track celebrates the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality that the music industry has adopted since day one. Life is short, and what Dré wants you to know is that it’s okay to sacrifice a little sleep if it means making a new, valuable connection or harnessing a powerful dose of inspiration. A true lover of Hip Hop, the young artist does a brilliant job of paying homage to the classic sounds while offering an original, modern spin all his own.

“Sleep is for the weak, I’ve been grinding everyday each and every week / I got money on my mind my favorite color’s green, I’m countin up this paper and I’m eatin up this cheese” ~ No Sleep

Using a wide vocal range, Dré raps in both English and Spanish, combining catchy pop-leaning hooks with infectious melodies that keep listeners dancing from beginning to end. Inspired by artists like Kanye West, Drake and Kid Cudi, Dré’s style branches from a foundation of incredible acts whom he channels for inspiration both in and outside of the studio. Having previously been both an athlete and accomplished student, Dré is no stranger to the hustle mentality. In school, he received D-1, D-2 and D-3 offers for baseball which led him to being accepted at one of the nations most respected Ivy League schools. “No Sleep” is just the beginning; we look forward to more music from Dré very soon.

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