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Castell Releases Hot New Single ‘Sweat’

After being introduced by mutual friends online, artist/producer Castell and singer/songwriter Kork quickly discovered they had an undeniable chemistry.  Only finding time at night to collaborate, both parties quickly found a spark in the material they were creating in these short, late night sessions.

The first taste of their collaboration comes in the form of, “Sweat”.  What started as a remix opportunity that never saw the light of day, the new single was revamped and revitalized, creating what you hear below.  

With Kork delivering a memorable and dynamic vocal performance, Castell brings a vibrant and energetic production.  Starting with a somber and mellow beat carried by some string synths, the track quickly builds along with the vocals into a pumping drop.  A slick synth horn lead, deep basses and huge drums help to take the listener along through the ups and downs of the relationship.  Caught up in a roller coaster of emotion, Castell and Kork do a phenomenal job of portraying the underlying emotion in the lyrics.

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