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Castell Releases Hot New Single ‘Sweat’

After being introduced by mutual friends online, artist/producer Castell and singer/songwriter Kork quickly discovered they had an undeniable chemistry.  Only finding time at night to collaborate, both parties quickly found a spark in the material they were creating in these short, late night sessions.

The first taste of their collaboration comes in the form of, “Sweat”.  What started as a remix opportunity that never saw the light of day, the new single was revamped and revitalized, creating what you hear below.  

When asked about the meaning behind the song, the duo offers, “Its a highly personal insight into the most intimate moments of a relationship at it’s strongest.  It documents the intensity of the first sexual moments of a relationship, and how this was the peak of passion for a relationship that was always set to break

With Kork delivering a memorable and dynamic vocal performance, Castell brings a vibrant and energetic production.  Starting with a somber and mellow beat carried by some string synths, the track quickly builds along with the vocals into a pumping drop.  A slick synth horn lead, deep basses and huge drums help to take the listener along through the ups and downs of the relationship.  Caught up in a roller coaster of emotion, Castell and Kork do a phenomenal job of portraying the underlying emotion in the lyrics.

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