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Catch AnastasiaMax On Tour

If you follow the site, you’d know that brother and sister duo AnastasiaMax are one of our favs for sure.  The 18 and 14 year old (respectively) have been covered on the site with nearly every release for the last year.

The combination of musical technicality, quality production, top notch songwriting and an overall undeniable aura make it hard for us to resist the coverage.  Having recently released their debut project, “The Haunt” the young go getters are now on the road bringing the haunting, hard-hitting vibes of AnastasiaMax with them.

While the rollout for the project (from a business standpoint) has been flawless, the duo is now back to hi-lite what may have been an overlooked track on the project.  “Brat”, is without a doubt one of the more Punk leaning, head banging, attitude laced cuts…and it for sure deserves and other look.  With brother Maxamillion taking the lead on this one , he delivers a memorable performance while Anastasia supports

Take a listen to the project and if you are not impressed by the talent to age ratio…. feel free to disregard everything I say from here on in…. but for the record – I’d think you were wrong.

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