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Catie Turner Teams Up with Javier Bennett For New lofi Version of Her Hit Single, "God Must Hate Me"

Catie Turner, is a phenom songwriter from Langhorne, PA. She made a name for herself at the age of 20 as one of the standout artists on the smash TV series American Idol, in 2018. Immediately capturing the attention of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, as well as the world, and making short work in convincing them of her "genius" for songwriting. The young artist first started writing songs and playing guitar in her hometown, as many young artists do, to help deal with the pressures and problems of young adult life, particularly as a young woman. From her humble beginnings in Langhorne to a major platform on national television, Catie Turner has created quite a career. Between releases from her debut EP, The Sad Vegan, and her newest EP release, Heartbroken and Milking It on Atlantic Records, Turner has amassed over 117 million streams and counting, globally.

Turner's single "God Must Hate Me", found huge success over multiple media platforms. The single release managed to rack up over 22 million streams, 50,000 TikTok creates, and over 130 million TikTok video views. A song of introspection and self-deprecation, "God Must Hate Me" did more than just collect streams and views, the song inspired! A beautifully-written and performed song, it is easy to relate to and the message really resonated with the struggles of today's rat-race to meet certain physical, mental and social standards. There is immense pressure for people, especially young women, to conform to the societally recognized image of beauty, usually leading to an overwhelming feeling that you can never be good enough. With potent wisdom and vulnerability in her lyrics, Catie Turner sheds some light on this issue, in "God Must Hate Me". With a stripped back melody, her raw, soulful vocal delivery really shines through and drives the point home. "Do you ever see someone and think 'Wow, God must hate me' 'Cause He spent so much time on them and for me, He got lazy," the opening lyrics from the song are both heartbreaking, eye-opening and are immediately gripping. It's hard not to pay attention to what Catie Turner has to say when she writes a song.

A young and talented 16 year old artist Javier Bennett, created a TikTok cover of the single, and after coming across it, Catie Turner became obsessed. She reached out to the young artist in hopes to collaborate and the two did just that! Working together, Catie and Javier came up with a new lofi version of the tune, aptly named "God Must Hate Me lofi", in which Javier also adds his own new verse. The message of the song remains the same, but with a new added perspective and a wonderful harmonization between the two creators voices. Javier began creating music for one reason, "to be famous", and through his collaboration with Catie Turner, i'm sure he will. You can check out that collab, right here.

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