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Celebrate Pride With Edge-walking Queer Rock Band Copyslut’s New Anthemic Music Video

Copyslut, the cabaret rock queersome, are made up of Queer, Trans, Sex Working, POC Edgewalkers. Their official music video for “Hooker Homecoming” is ready to release today, right before the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Copyslut has coined the song a ‘money making protection spell’ to insure good energy is cast on sex workers around the world so that they arrive home safe and sound. When played live, Copyslut asks their fans to hold up their phones and shine a light on the stage in order to supercharge the spell with positive energy. The official video brings the song to life through a livestream look into their community during a time when many sex workers are either out of work or are now forced to work in riskier environments. “We wanted the Hooker Homecoming music video to serve as a symbol of the strength and resilience for those who work within the sex trades & industries. We hope that it can help us all feel a little less lonely during this time of isolation.” – Reiko Que Fuego (Copyslut’s Art Director and Fashionista).

Photo Credit: Rachel Lena Esterline

“Selena, yes you are going to make money tonight // yes, yes you will, oh I know you will // you will come home tonight.”

The video was gracefully woven together to document their lives and resilience during an undoubtedly challenging time in our world. Choreographed by creative director Janet Huey and edited by Copyslut’s lead singer Chatz of Love, the entire piece was created in house. “It was my first editing project dealing with this many hours of footage from many different sources. I’m self taught and was intimidated to say the least. I also wanted to do each and every contributor justice because of the unique magic that each person offered the project.” – Chatz of Love Lead Singer and Editor. If the collage of zoom live streams wasn’t enough, the VHS-feel of the shots in the video offer a nostalgic aesthetic to further bend space and time.

The official music video for “Hooker Homecoming” was intended to release on June 2nd for International Whores Day, to observe the often exploited working conditions of sex workers. Its origins are from a group of sex workers in Lyon, France (1975) who occupied a church in protest of police and state violence. Copyslut decided to postpone the release to June 26th out of solidarity with the recent Black Lives Matter movement and protests. “We release amid national protests, isolation, and a global pandemic. Our deepest intention is that this spell of protection imbues the efforts of our communities. With so many of us pushed to the edge in various ways, we want to remind ourselves and our fans that there is power on the edges. We want to let them know that they are doing great. That we are all here and in this for the long haul together.” – Ray Zamora, Lead Guitarist and Vocalist.

Be sure to follow Copyslut on Instagram here.

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