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  • Al Stephens

Celestial Soundscapes, Urban Dreams: Delving into Beekeeper Spaceman's "In the Custody of Stars"

Dallas indie rock duo Beekeeper Spaceman are Greg Brownderville (primary songwriter/singer/guitarist) and Spencer Kenney (producer/multi-instrumentalist). Their latest single, "In the Custody of Stars," is a gentle and mesmerizing ballad that weaves a poignant tale of heartache and seclusion. Brownderville's poetic lyrics of photographic imagery, looking at the world through a lens, and leaving everything behind are embraced by Kenney's delicately simple acoustic guitar arpeggio, and elevated with programmed drums, ethereal background vocals, and shimmering synths.

The band's inception traces back to an innovative online multimedia project called "Fire Bones," which paved the way for the dynamic collaboration between the duo. Beyond their musical endeavors, Brownderville has published three books of poetry and is editor-in-chief of the esteemed literary magazine Southwest Review. Kenney leads a solo electro-pop project under his own name and actively contributes to various acts affiliated with the Dallas-based Dolfin Records label.

Embodying the spirit of their sprawling Texas home, Beekeeper Spaceman delivers a song that seamlessly intertwines bucolic echoes of the past with the vibrant pulse of the urban present with "In the Custody of Stars."

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