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Certified Summer BANGER- ‘SAY YES’ Delivered To Us Right On Time by KiD RAiN

Guys and Gals, let’s face it… It’s been a pretty rough year, so far… LUCKILY THOUGH, Summer 2020 saw fit to give us some reprieve! While only a song, ‘SAY YES’ by KiD RAiN, gives us exactly what we needed and didn’t even know we wanted.

The jam sees a young suitor proposing to the newest love of his life, however, a simple listen to the fun and well written LYRICS tells you, this one isn’t like the others! This time he’s found THE ONE. Like our lyrical protagonist, WE have also found the one. The one that is going to get us through the summer, head bopping, that is. With an UP-TEMPO, crafty, snappy, and simply put…pleasing BEAT and LYRICS, ‘SAY YES‘ transports listeners into a love story that’s color and vibrancy is only matched by the spontaneous music video, shot for it, in Bali’s most colorful village “Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan (Village Of Colour)“, in the WORLD. The beauty and color captured in the exciting and energetic video also serves as a glimpse into the personality of DAN REYNARD, A.K.A. KiD RAiN. The UK based artist newly formed the project KiD RAiN, and it’s debut single was mixed by Will Reeves (Migos, G-Eazy).

REYNARD, is no stranger to the POP scene, though, having previously toured with The Vamps on their arena tour. His new sound serves his Frontman skills and stage experience well, drawing from inspirations like LAUV, The 1975, and CONAN GRAY. This kid is undeniably ready for radio!

“instantly infectious.. you’ll struggle to get this out of your head”– DAILY STAR 

“Pop tracks to make the girls go weak” – METRO 

“When we saw that Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan (Village Of Colour) was only a one hour flight away we booked flights for the next morning and planned the storyboard on the way!”

Story behind the single, from the Artist KiD RAiN, himself: “Say Yes has a very personal spot in my heart because believe it or not, by the time I was 19 years young I had already proposed to 12 people and 2 animals. They all liked me I think but apparently the “timing wasn’t right” haha you get it. Haven’t seen them since but it’s cool. Anyway this song is about realising you’ve found “the one” and praying they don’t reject you like the 12 other people and 2 animals before them.” 

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