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Hunter Feinberg (guitar/vocals), Joey Kirby (noise/guitar), Colin Pauley (drums), and Zack Cramp (bass) compile the Indie-Rock foursome that is Champion Electric. Hailing from Ohio and Michigan, the band members formed in 2016, merging their unique musical ideas together and beginning their creative journey. Based in Nashville, TN, the quartet make music that incorporates the simplicity and straightforwardness of surf-rock melodies, graceful and elegant tones and a generally mellow vibe, culminating in their distinctive midwest/coastal sound.

Drawing their influence from bands like Beach House, Surfer Blood, Knox Hamilton, and MGMT, Champion Electric has created a sound filled with ethereal layers, delightful rhythms, and groovy chord progressions. It's hard not to listen to this band and smile, even if the subject matter in their compositions is on the somber side. Such is the case with the bands newest single, "Saccharine", a song written to reflect on a lifeless relationship. With a whimsical melody, strong percussive beat, and an undeniable groove, "Saccharine" tells the story of the internal struggle and battles we face when stuck in a rut of patterns that hold us steadfast, complacent, in a relationship that is no longer working and simply makes us feel "synthetically happy".

"Saccharine" a word that means both excessively sweet & sentimental, as well as, relating to or containing sugar, describes both the sentiment and the sound of the song perfectly. The lyrics and music come together sonically to deliver both a sweet and sentimental experience. Although the song is not exactly a love letter, you simply cannot deny that it is dripping with sweetness!

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