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Charlotte Sands Defends Harry Styles’ ‘Vogue’ Cover With New Single “Dress”

Harry Styles haters are not welcome, and Charlotte Sands is making sure everyone knows. After seeing the backlash the former One Direction member faced from wearing a dress on his historic Vogue cover, Sands is making sure everyone knows Harry Styles couldn’t have looked sexier on her new single “Dress.”

A refreshing pop/rock banger, “Dress” exudes all the drama and style you’d expect out of Sands. With the punchy four-on-the-floor and heavy power chords driving the song’s dynamic production, you can’t help but feel they complement the sly “fuck you” lyrics. Slick lines like “you’re so masculine, sweet like cherry cola” and “look so good I’m annoyed” are just a few examples of Sands sticking a middle finger to those conservatives who found Styles’ dress inappropriate for a man.

The demo was originally leaked on TikTok where it received over 1MM views within 48 hours. Due to the excitement, the song was mixed, mastered, and released within four days, landing Sands in the Top 100 iTunes Pop chart and the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

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