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Chicago’s ‘Artist Collective’ Tackles Music Industry Myths

There’s no question that the music industry has seen vast changes since the top of 2020. Concerts shutdown. Festivals were rescheduled…and then rescheduled again. And amidst social unrest, artists started releasing more music than ever before. With the climate changing at a rapid pace, artists were left unsure of what strategies they should focus on. Fully aware of the fact that musicians might be seeking some direction, top educational music resource center Artist Collective has introduced a four-pillared ‘Simple Music Money’ training system. In doing this, they have identified the four most important elements that artists should hyper-focus on in order to build a full-time career around their passions. These elements include working on brand identity, ways to reach out to your target audience, content strategy and how to navigate income streams. In an industry already accustomed to keeping up with social and technological developments, companies like Artist Collective have tapped into the value they can offer artists during an intense time of transition and self-reflection in quarantine. 

In order to help turn superfans into profits, Artist Collective has decided to replace courses with one-on-one coaching. Through this, they have helped artists to identify and cultivate superfans, run fully executed marketing campaigns, create and manage fan subscriptions, develop easy content strategies and most importantly, become full-time creatives! Previously featured as a top remote education resource by Billboard, the Chicago-based company services fans across the globe. Focused primarily on helping artists to turn their part-time hobby into a full time business, their efforts are backed up by several hard-hitting testimonials here. Their new four-pillared system plans to take things up a notch; equipping artists with the tools that they need in order to bust industry myths about what’s actually required for them to create their own sustainable business. It is meant to help artists to simplify how to build their business in order to prevent them from investing in the wrong things (i.e. playlist, ads, social media growth, etc) too early in their careers. 

Founded by Lead Educator and Branding Specialist Evan Price as well as Monetization Expert/Singer-Songwriter Vinnie Hines, Artist Collective has dedicated itself to assisting independent artists with the strategies, tools and the means to create a sustainable business out of their passions for several years. Joined by their Head of Digital Marketing Willy Chill as well as the Head of Content Marketing Leonard Patterson, the quartet has proven an unstoppable force among music start-ups. This 40 minute FREE training highlights the 4 key pillars of building a profitable music brand as well as topics of high curiosity including: 

  1. The simple path to turn strangers into SuperFans and SuperFans into profits

  2. The real reason playlists and metrics don’t matter (as much as you think)

  3. How to start making money from your existing fanbase (no matter how small)

  4. The surprising reason you get streams on your music, but no real sales.

  5. How to get out of your day job and make even more money with your music

The Number #1 Goal: To Deliver truthful, hard-hitting facts so that artists don’t fall victim to industry con artists who will try wasting their time on expensive ads or fake playlists. It’s time to bust industry myths as we head into a new chapter in 2021.

Learn more about how Artist Collective can help artists turn superfans into profit here.

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