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Chloe MK Drops Standout Debut ‘Fantasy’

While New York based singer/songwriter chloe mk has been creating for quite a while, it wasn’t until 2018 that she penned a deal with Republic Records.  Now ready to take the world by storm, she has recently released her debut project, “Fantasy”, lead by angsty Pop anthem, “To Be Young”.  

Creating tunes in her signature style of “internet-pop, chloe mk speaks to her generation covering topics all to familiar to those living in the digital age.  Her new single is an outright smash that not only showcases her impressive vocals, but also allows her to flex her songwriting abilities.  Touching on her insecurities, vast array of emotions and search for answers, on the lead single chloe mk sings, “can somebody please tell me what’s going on.

With 6 fresh tracks comprising her debut EP, chloe mk is here to make her mark and set the tone for what is poised to be a long and fruitful career as a solo artist and pop sensation.  Make sure you check out the full project below and keep tabs on her socials so you don’t miss what’s next!

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