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Chonna demonstrates understanding and acceptance on the new LP Don't Judge

Last Friday we got a riveting dose of new music, this time from indie-soul singer-songwriter Chonna. An intimate letter penned to society during the age of narcissism where perceptions mean more than reality, Chonna's serene undertones in her vocals are bound to put one at ease.

Throughout the ten track album, Chonna weaves a sonic tapestry of pop rhythms, entrancing vocals, and glittery production. The display comes across effortless yet compact, with Chonna's vocals gliding the listener towards tranquility.

There's a wavering swagger in Chonna's Don't Judge , that mirrors the songwriting and sonic ebbs and flows of Dido or Jewel. At the helm, the album showcases Chonna's incomparable talent as a musician. Through mostly minimal production, Chonna's vocals are the perfect ear candy layered on top.

When it comes to the inspiration for the album, Chonna shared the following:

“The inspiration for the album came from my personal experiences and observations of the world around me. I wanted to create a body of work that would encourage listeners to be more accepting of themselves and others, and to celebrate the beauty in our differences and struggles. Through heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, "Don't Judge" is a powerful reminder of the importance of self-love, empathy, and compassion.”

Listen to Don't Judge to hear this sonic goodness for yourself!

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