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Chris de Sarandy Stuns with New Single "How to Say Goodbye"

It didn't take long while listening to, “How To Say Goodbye”, by 24 year old British musician Chris de Sarandy, before it had me hooked. With verses that start slow and build into an absolutely explosive chorus, his latest offering is a dynamic and emotive tune that once again proves his worth as an artist to watch.

Raised in South West England, De Sarandy is a small town kid with a giant voice. With a rich tone and filled with deep emotion he is able to draw listeners into his lyrics thanks to his strong performances that leaves you wanting more. After moving to London and attending the famed BRIT School, Chris was signed to the independent German label “Embassy of Music”. Since launching his solo career, he has continually turned heads and continues to do so with, “How to Say Goodbye”. When asked about his music, Chris says, “I want to write the kind of music people can relate to and feel where it was written from.and personally I think he does it perfectly in this song.

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