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Chris Gabo Explores Lustful Fantasies in “He Would”

Showing off his vulnerable side, Latinx artist Chris Gabo is back with the release of his newest anthem “He Would”. Exploring sexual fantasies and queer lust, Chris delivers a transparent sense of longing for someone else while also maintaining a committed relationship. Written while he was dating an ex, Chris offers an authentic and frankly, relatable message that many people grapple with while in serious relationships. Dancing around the idea of being with somebody else, his emotional exploration threatened his former relationship and now, he’s ready to let the world in to witness the creative inspiration behind one of his catchiest hits yet. The dynamic visual for the track takes things to new heights; Chris’s visuals always offer a very up close and personal glimpse so that viewers feel the true emotion behind his complex lyrical rhyme schemes. The unique settings and color palette create a high level pop star environment that blends well with his laid back beat and smooth vocal delivery.

“Me and these fantasies are gon’ have to make peace, I might, just have to put locks / On this door while I sleep, Cuz there’s only two names, Two names on this lease” ~ He Would

One consistent theme in all of Chris’s tracks is the perpetual wrestling match with identity. In his previous hit “One of Those”, we learned about the complexities that come with feeling misunderstood. Because of its relatability, the fight song was a hit with fans from all over the world. Prior to that, “Hype Man” explored the juxtaposition of who we are as humans versus who we need to be to survive. Uniquely, learning about Chris’s own identity has helped fans to explore and therefore learn more about their own.

About Chris Gabo: Currently contracted to an overall deal with HBO, Chris has written six episodes for the recently aired reboot of In Treatment. Also acting as the consulting producer for The Weeknd’s show The Idol, Gabo’s involvement in music shares a seamless synergy with his background in film/TV. Past musical collaborations include Cakes Da Killa, Lazerbeak, DJ Trackstar of Run the Jewels, and more. He has opened for Ana Tijoux and DJ Rob Swift, while also licensing music to Hulu’s Broad City as well as the independent film Coldwater. Gabo’s work has been recognized by the Sundance MENA Theatre Lab, the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and much more. His prolific writing abilities prove to be a seamless fit for Hip Hop’s confident delivery and lyricism. “He Would” releases ahead of Gabo’s sophomore mixtape, scheduled to drop later this year.

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