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Christine Bauer Releases "Crumble"

Multi-talented Country music star Christine Bauer offers captivating melodies and relatable lyrics in a moving reflection of past heartbreak with “Crumble”. Already garnering FM radio play, she is now gearing up to release an official lyric video for the track this month. Marking yet another milestone in her musical career, “Crumble” connects with the fear of entering a new relationship after enduring past heartbreaks. In it, Bauer sings “I don’t want another broken heart; it can’t take it, not with all these scars”. Describing the song's creation, she explained, “It was one of those songs that just writes itself. When I wrote it, it was a release of a lot of pent-up emotions.”

A self-taught guitar player, Bauer began crafting songs at the age of 17. A registered postpartum care nurse by day, her versatility does not go unnoticed. In a remarkable show of support, Bauer's face recently graced billboards on Interstate 80 near the 84th Street exit in Omaha and another billboard outside Ashland, with a third currently displayed in Ralston. She also was featured on a billboard in Nashville, TN recently on Broadway alongside Morgan Wade and is currently up on a billboard off 9th & Church Street between Nissan Stadium and Music Row. Bauer's future plans are equally exciting. In October, she intends to travel to Nashville to record a song with Grady Saxman, who has previously worked with country star Luke Combs. She is also diligently working on her next single, with production once again handled by Paul Ray. Grateful for the appreciation and encouragement she receives from her fans, Bauer remains committed to her musical journey. With a unique and graceful style, she has grown and evolved over the years, cultivating a song catalog that reflects her personal and artistic growth. Born and raised in the Midwest, Christine Bauer's music is driven by storytelling and powerful melodies, resonating deeply with audiences around the world.

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