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CHYLD & Drowsy Drop Fresh Remix Pack for ‘Bedtime’

As quarantine continues, the boredom of sitting at home all day progresses and your ideas for entertainment are at an all-time low. Thankfully, CHYLD is back with Drowsy and dropped a sick remix pack for their recent collaboration titled “Bedtime”.

CHYLD showcases a variety of remixes from Brett and Butter, nÜ nÜ, Matheïs, sad face and even includes an acoustic version of the single that gives us all the sad boy-bedroom vibes. These remixes bring the already bubbling bop in a new direction, with nÜ nÜ bringing an upbeat and rhythmic feel, Brett and Butter’s giving us an experiment of sounds that make you want to dance, and sad face bringing a slower beat to groove along too. Matheïs’ remix, with its dreamy synths and heavy drums, helps tie everything together. Each song on the package provides a distinct sound while also staying true to the essence of what makes the original great.

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