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CHYLD Flips WE R OK’s Debut Single ‘Ghosts’

Boston based producer CHYLD has been on an absolute tear this year.  From landing his first official Spotify playlist placements, to seeing an increasing number of fans and streams each and every release – there is no doubt that he has proven himself as a multi-talented secret weapon.

Having just dropped his latest single, “Headache“, just a couple of weeks ago, it seems he is back at it again – this time taking on remix duties for newly formed NYC based dysfunctional duo WE R OK.  Once again showing off his impressive production skills and insanely slick synth work, CHYLD has taken the groups Alt-Rock debut single, “Ghosts“, and flipped it on his head.  Working from the vocals, CHYLD speeds up the tempo and goes in to create a pumping, energetic, Drum n Bass inspired remix that will without a doubt help introduce the fresh-faced group to a whole new audience.

Promising to keep the tunes coming, WE R OK are prepping to release their second single, “Rolling Stoned“, on August 28th.  Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on CHYLD and WE R OK.

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