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CHYLD releases a Head Turning Tune ‘Friends’

Following up on his Tommy Boy debut single, “Can We?”, Massachusetts based CHYLD is back with yet another bop titled, “Friends”. His latest offering once again puts impressive sound design, lush synthetic textures and touching vocals on full display.

CHYLD continues to carve a lane of his own in the Electro Pop scene. The new single transforms from beginning to end. From slick arrangements to ripping solos, this dynamic and head turning tune brings chilled out verses and hard-hitting drops in only a way that CHYLD can deliver.  

Beneath the songs stellar production lies a clear understanding of music theory, sporting an impressive arrangement difficult to recreate by someone who may not be a life long musician.  On top of his latest release, CHYLD has also recently announced a short East Coast tour which will see him bringing his live show to Connecticut, Rhode Island and to several cities in Massachusetts.

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