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Indie/Pop duo, Ciao Lucifer, are back and creating new music. This time, however, their Peter Pan ways have fallen by the waste side and they are ready to grow up, on their own terms! Friends since their high school days, Willem Wits and Marnix Dorrestein are maturing before our very ears. The duo are creating new music that sounds cheerful and fun while also dealing with issues that are very personal and deep. While delivering "feel good" music sonically, the pair of musicians still keep their demons present in their songs but deliver them in a way that makes people happy. "If the end result is that we make people happy and can make them dance, it's mission accomplished", says the band.

Their newest song, "So Slow", is actually a fast paced, energetic, tune facing the issue of discouragement associated with the long process of waiting to be helped with mental health. After taking the steps to seek help, it is often that folks are faced with a long grueling wait and process, before actually receiving the help they need, taking tolls on their personal relationships and other aspects of their lives. "So Slow", was written with a positive message in mind. A message that says don't give up, you will persevere. The hardest step was taken and now the wait will yield result.

With a snappy rhythm of twangy electric guitar chords, and a lot of high hat percussion, "So Slow" is both quirky and euphoric. When paired with a vocal and lyrical performance that is equal parts unique and personal, it is easy to relate and enjoy the song. "So Slow" allows listeners the opportunity to express their demons and needs individually, while offering up a song that is also danceable and cathartic.

It's important not to forget that many people deal with needing mental help on. daily basis and that there are artists and people out there, all the time, finding creative and cathartic solutions to help others deal with their own needs. Ciao Lucifer, have done just that with "So Slow".

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