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Cincinnati Alt-Indie Group National Barks Release Experimental Album ‘Something I Can’t

It’s safe to say that this year has made us all sit back and re-think what in the world we are doing with ourselves at present, yet for National Barks, this introspection has resulted in a renewed sense of musical ambition, and with the upcoming release of their next EP, we couldn’t be more grateful. The three-piece group, made up of Adam Brandt, Jeffery Earl and Joe Memory, are a whirlwind of dynamic bass grooves, vibrant guitar licks and headbang-able drum fills. With their upcoming EP, ‘Something I Can’t Shake Off,’ National Barks is providing some much-needed oomph to 2020. Based in Cinncinati, National Barks hit the ground running back in 2017, with their self titled EP ‘National Barks.’ Through the years, metamorphosing through different outfits, National Barks is the result of years filled with experimentation and evolution. Whilst the external outfit of National Barks has changed, the heart and soul of the alt-indie group is unwavering. Self-professedly, their tunes will transport you to the back of the Mystery Machine or dancing with Uma Thurman; whatever it evokes for you, National Barks sculpt a soundscape rich with spaghetti western elements and funky retro vibes.

The trio’s upcoming EP, ‘Something I Can’t Shake Off’ is an immersive journey through the band’s collective talents. Rife with enthralling drum breaks – namely ‘Japanese Car in the Desert’ showcases Jeffery Earl’s wide breadth of drumming chops – and completely captivating vocals from frontman Adam Brandt. ‘Becky Bummer,’ the EP’s penultimate track, will have you chanting along with the hook as Adam’s powerful and provocative vocal line provides a catchy, anthemic chorus. Whilst Joe Memory may be a recent addition to the group, the chance encounter between Joe and Adam has evidently ended up with a fate-like musical outcome, as Joe’s intricate bass lines form a fundamental foundation for the groups flair. The opening track ‘Creeps,’ is swimming in spaghetti western subtleties, so when you’re next riding off into the sunset with some stolen loot you know what to crank up in your headphones. Being released on the second of October,  ‘Something I Can’t Shake Off’ is National Barks most realised body of work to date. Rich with genre-blending bass and hooks that will have you humming for hours, it’s clear we won’t be shaking off National Barks any time soon.

Sneak Peak for the Music Video for ‘Beverly Chills’

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