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Cirillo Sets the ‘Mood’ on New Single

Coming in moody and hot is Cirillo‘s new single “Mood” which is also his declaration of coming into his own, his words. “Mood” is a personal record looking at past negative experiences as lessons in the making.  Having only landed on my radar a month or so ago when he dropped his debut single, “Sweet Gelato“, he quickly caught my attention with hit smooth tone and catchy as hell lyrics.  Finding the perfect balance between fitting in and carving a lane of his own, I have no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from Cirillo in the coming months.

He shares,  “I wanted to keep a cool and chill vibe that allows the listener to gain a certain sense of confidence in themselves. Having dealt with mental health and anxiety in my life, i wanted to make sure the listener can think with a clear head and follow their heart; rather than over thinking and letting fear take over.Cirillo is a vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist- so lock in, sit back, pay attention and chill out while we wait for what’s next.

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