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Claire Ridgely Is Killing the Solo Game with ‘Gunshot’ [VIDEO]

Sometimes there is nothing I love more than an artist breaking out from playing side kick and taking their solo career my the reigns.  While Montreal based artist Claire Ridgely has racked up tens of millions of plays as a featured artist in the past, it wasn’t until recently that she launched as a solos artist.  About her move to step out into the spotlight, Claire says, “After nearly 20 million plays as a feature artist, I’ve decided to tell my own story.

Following up on singles, “California” and “Til the Morning“, Claire Ridgley is back with yet another bop – and potentially her most daring to date.  Her new tune, “Gunshot”, is a playful, sexy and catchy af single that sees Claire soaring over a grooving, rhythmic and dynamic production.  Lush Latin leaning guitar riffs blend with big hits, steady kicks and a driving bassline to create a radio ready, dancefloor friendly tune that finds the perfect balance between edge and accessibility.  About the single, she says, “This is the single for my upcoming solo EP. This is a side of Claire Ridgely listeners have never heard with the production to match.

While Claire Ridgley may be new to the solo world, it is her voice and songwriting that have made her so successful in the past – and that continues to be the case today.  Top notch toplines, quality lyrics and a dynamic range help to not only drive the new single home, but also help to cement Claire Ridgley as a force to be reckoned with in the Pop world. 

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