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Clide digs deep on new single “where have i gone”

“where have i gone” is the latest from Berlin-based Pop upandcomer clide, the successful young vocalist who’s already making waves too big to be ignored. This track is the collaboration between clide and the Italian Lofi producer Rnla, who is increasingly popular in his own right collaborating with the likes of yaeow and other prominent acts. “where have i gone” is a downbeat piano-heavy track with distinctive lofi syncopation. In both its musical impact and lyrical content, this track encompases crucial developments that come with growing up. As we go through life, we may look back in awe of how much we’ve changed, often losing parts of ourselves we held dearly, and ask ourselves “where have i gone”.

clide’s presence on his latest release is extremely personal, as though he speaks summarily towards the collective feelings of change that we’ve all experienced in the last year or so. He authentically asks simple questions with complicated answers, embarking on a path that stands between nostalgia and cynicism. He wonders where the spirited, inquisitive, and optimistic version himself has gone. He asks “who am I”. Amid this challenging dive into self exploration, Rnla’s seamless production lays the groundwork for success by enhancing the feelings and sentiments put forth in the lyrics. Piano keys remain central to the composition throughout its entirety, shifting from foreground to background upon the introduction of fluttering snares and thumping bass. The harmonies presented at the beginning of each chorus encompass the plurality of identity, presenting multiple versions of oneself together in evanescence. This track is a must-listen for anyone craving authentic and stimulating music that’s not too upfront. Both clide and Rnla certainly have promising futures ahead of them and are definitely acts you should put on your radar.

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