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clide Kicks 2022 Off on a High Note with "hotel room"

Off the heels of his vulnerable end of the year hit “kitchen floor”, pop artist clide greets fans ahead of Valentine's Day with an uptempo track entitled “hotel room”. Guitar-driven with a punky flair, this track introduces a new chapter for the new year as clide’s sound continues to evolve. Inspired by the feelings you catch for someone who has hurt you before, “hotel room” expresses the complexities of love that aren’t often discussed during this time of year. Love isn’t always a flawless Disney tale but rather, a difficult push and pull that sometimes….pulls you in the wrong direction. In “hotel room”, clide ends up falling back in love with his ex even though he knows that it’ll never actually work out. A message relatable to many, “hotel room” expresses how little control we have over our feelings and that it’s what we do with those feelings that determines our future.

Known for his strong storytelling and catchy hooks, his songs rope you in from the first melody and keep you listening with the first word. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, clide delivers lyrics that are refreshingly vulnerable, relatable and true. And his fan base continues to grow; having experienced notable audience growth in 2021, clide’s YouTube views have surpassed the 3M mark with his Spotify streams topping over 40M. To this day, his former focus single “broken parts” still grows as Shazam accounts for over 52k Shazam searches worldwide. And as of late, clide has spent time in the UK playing at legendary venues like Soho House (The Piano House) and Sofar Sound Sessions as well as Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Originally German-based, clide’s success has expanded worldwide and its songs like “hotel room” that he hopes will speak to those who might have an unconventional run-in with romance this Valentine’s Day.

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