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Cody Frost Releases New Alt Pop Hit “HIGH/BYE”

In a subtle evolution from her previous hit “Verbal Warnings”, alt pop artist Cody Frost releases her catchy new single “HIGH/BYE”. “HIGH/BYE”‘s feisty pop edge shows off her charisma as she talks about the benefits of paving your own path in life rather than following what everyone else is doing. The song is about growing up and what happens when you reunite with friends after not having seen them for a very long time. The relatable new track comes paired with an energetic music video directed by Naomi Kane. Visually stunning, the video takes place in the memories of Cody’s past that she left behind for newer more exciting opportunities. Shown serving drinks before hitting the stage to perform, you can feel her tremendous sense of loneliness, surrounded by dummies in what is otherwise an empty bar.

The talented young singer is easily a new favorite! You can watch the official video for “HIGH/BYE” below.

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