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Commit to the fantasies with "Bad Thoughts" a alt pop grungefest by Cheska Moore

The rise of dark pop, alt-grunge and sad-pop has really made my darkly eyelined eyes shine, and Cheska Moore is a South London-based powerhouse of a performer that not only designed a deep well of alt-pop with "Bad Thoughts" but has also let the sun go down and the moon shines ever so brightly.

I'm someone who enjoys a good "Skulking" song, a track that makes you walk the club like you own the club, move through the crowd, sip your drink and feel the energy, there is no need to dance, there is no need to do anything but feel the track, move with the track and have the track pulse through you like a neon drip.

"Bad Thoughts" is a sensual, grunge synth dipped alt-pop track that drips its neon all over your shoulders, your arms and your mind. I'm Obsessed.

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