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  • Katie O'Leary

Conor Albert & James Smith Are Smooth and Sultry On “Crescent Moon”

Magic is made when two people utilize their strengths to create something new and beautiful. This goes for slow-jam “Crescent Moon” by Conor Albert and London singer-songwriter James Smith. Albert’s neo-soul background collides with Smith’s pop melodies and smooth vocals to create an original amalgamation of some impressive soulful moments that will linger even after the song is over.

“Crescent Moon” brings together contrasting styles that you assume wouldn’t work together, but actually bring forth something stunning in it’s own right. The track features a delicate piano and warm bass lines that reinforces the romantic aspects of neo-soul while the top line echos lines of love and adoration through beautifully simple melodies as if pulled from the pop universe. The whole tune soars in a galaxy of its own. Conor shares that the concept really pulled from a world of imagination, saying:

"James came in with the concept of being that boy that sits on the crescent moon in the DreamWorks intro, throwing a fishing line through the clouds and reeling in the love of your life. James is a master lyricist in my opinion."

Albert continues to share a glowing love for his collaborator, noting: "James and I have very different projects musically, but massive appreciation for the other's genre," Conor said on the new collaboration. "In the last year I've found a huge love for more pop-leaning music, and James is such a massive fan of the neo-soul, beat scene kind of stuff, so we complemented each other perfectly. I think what's best is that our fans will be exposed to a different kind of music with this collab, something I'm really excited about."

22-year-old Conor Albert is a South London based artist, songwriter, and producer. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist he started making beats at the age of 8, finding an audience for his early demos on SoundCloud. Conor demonstrated his musicianship and production across his 2020 debut Collage 1, including singles with Marie Dahlstrom and Carmody. Collage 2 will be his follow up and released next year.

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