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Conor Maynard has us all feeling that wishful thinking with "If I Ever"

We've all had those moments, where we go back, we reflect and we regret or we even smile in joy, needless to say of our feelings, we all have those "signout" moments, where the world gets to much and we think back.

We think back at the people we lost, we missed, we never kissed and we hurt - "If I Ever" is a self-reflective and honest reminder of these moments and a shining start Conor Maynard has given us all an anthem for our memories, our hopes and joys, pains and worries.

The track plays with its standard of pop and hyper electro with whirring beats and soulful lyrical vocal use, that gets us not only moving our bodies but also feeling all our emotions blurt out in a joyous song

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