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Conversing With Oceans Enlists ELEW and Bryan Keith for New Jam [VIDEO]

While Alex Bondarev may have spent the majority of his life in the Bronx, his musical journey started years ago in a far away land.  When his family fled the civil unrest in Grozny, they first landed in India before crossing the sea and settling in the boogie down.  From a young age music was always an escape for the self taught musician eventually leading to his forming of his first band A Moment’s Worth.  Over the years, he has worked on a number of projects, seen his music placed in national campaigns and continued to hone his craft and develop his sound.

Now as the frontman of Indie group Conversing With Oceans, Alex Bondarev combines a devotion to melody with his characteristically introspective lyrical style.  Coming off of a busy SXSW and preparing for this weeks gig at Pianos in NYC, he is still riding high from his most recent release.  While Conversing With Oceans finishes the final touches on their long awaited debut album, they recently unleashed a stand along single in collaboration with pianist & RockJazz creator ELEW and The Voice’s Bryan Keith.

If you dig this one, make sure you give Conversing With Oceans a follow on socials – their forthcoming album is promising to be a gem.

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