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In Jackson, TN, on a porch near the lake, surrounded by nature, sit six band mates… no, friends… scratch that, family…a Bramily, as they call themselves. The members of Coopertheband consider themselves family and as such, they are close and in tune with themselves and each-other. The band has found much success commercially being featured on networks such as HBO, ESPN, and Tru TV, as well as being featured on the hit show “Without A Trace“. However, to spite all of their success, the band remains grounded in their roots, closely tied to their local music scene, often appearing in local shows, podcasts, and regional tv. This humble approach that the band has and feels translates well through their newest single, Once.

Back, in West Tennessee, is exactly where Coopertheband wrote Once, sitting beside the lake. Sort of sitting around and jamming, the band was discussing their feelings as of late; on their perception of self, so to speak. A band consensus had been reached about how “it feels so phony to say “thank you” to compliments that we don’t even think are true. Then, because the only thing we know how to do with difficult feelings is to turn them into songs, we started to write “Once.” The band can hardly believe they are as good as other fans, family, and friends believe they are. (EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE!) The notion seems so surreal to them, that they could be the truly best versions of themselves that others see in them, when in their own minds, they are still trying to find out who that person is. “We spend our whole lives trying to think up the best version of ourselves when those we love see it every time they look at us”. -says the band.

A sweet serenade, Once, gives the feeling of a song being on the precipice of an epic adventure and journey of self discovery. An understated rhythm melody of acoustic guitar accompanied by robustly beautiful synth piano and an electric riff conduct a sort of marching percussion that drives the story forward. The lyrics compare life to being a beautiful house and the sum of it’s parts, metaphorically. “I just want to be who you already think that I am”, the central lyric and theme of the song is a perfect way to sum up the feeling of inadequacy that many of us create with our own personal high standards. If we could just take a step back and look at the whole of that slightly battered old house, we may see the good bones and structure, that others who are not as close to our situation as we are, already see.

It becomes increasingly easy to be tough on oneself these days, with social media and an onslaught of opinions being hurled 24/7 from every direction. Sometimes, it is important to slow things down, stop even, and take a step back. Look at yourself from the eyes of those closest to you. You may even like what you see!

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