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Courtney Govan Offers Intense Introspection in New Hit "at least"

Amalgamating into a radio-friendly vibe and an organic sound, artist Courtney Govan combines soaring vocals with reflective, introspective songwriting in her beautiful new ballad "at least". Taking fans through a variety of emotional twists and turns, we are given a tale of heartbreak, written about the unexpected loss of her closest friend. The 26 year old queer pop singer from San Diego offers poignant lyrics and relatable storytelling - "at least" channels the feeling she felt when her long-time friend broke off their eight year relationship with no warning via text. Despite the solemn themes, the song carries a light and airy spirit that fans can sink their teeth into. "at least" also reminds us that if we’re patient, and allow the long arc of memory to run its intended course, often, our misfortune will blossom into profound life experiences. Govan uses her colossal crooner capabilities to reinforce this idea throughout the song by taking the high road and highlighting the wisdom and grace she has gained with unexpected gentleness and empathy.

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