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Cross-Genre Super Power-Pop Act, She Is Jules, Delivers a Bitter Pop Ballad with Her Song,“Twice"

Updated: Mar 14

“Twice” explores the regret and anger of having to give someone who hurt you a second chance. She Is Jules’ vocals are filled with attitude and emotion, making the song a must-listen and staple amongst heartbreak tracks. Her ability to write catchy hooks and anthem-like melodies, all the while incorporating upbeat and complex productions, highlights her diverse talents as an artist. Her music is packed with angst and the arrangement is infectious, creating immense anticipation for her upcoming EP release, “Synesthesia.”

“Synesthesia” by She Is Jules explores the unique cognitive phenomenon that is synesthesia. Each song represents a color and “Twice” is no exception. Twice” symbolizes the color blue, which is no surprise because it is filled with layers of synths bass’ and lofi-electronic pop sounds. “Twice” is sorrowful and raw as much as it is angry and emotional. Her lyrics complement the flow of the arrangement and her message is clear: blue is the feeling of disappointment, sadness, hurt, and regret. It is not just a visual color but is an emotional experience, a state of mind.

She Is Jules' bruty tone and aetherial songwriting is what differentiates her from most artists today. She is heavily involved in her songwriting process, from early development to production, and continues to add a layer of excitement to her songs, making fans want to come back for more. She draws inspiration from all genres of music, pulling out the best sounds from each genre, to create tracks that are unique and stand on their own. From acoustic pop to electronic dance music, her songs have amassed over 60 million streams on Spotify alone. She Is Jules' ability to fuse electro-pop beats with storytelling-centered lyrics is what makes her stand out in the current pop landscape.

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