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Cross-territory Izinto remix by Hannover-based band The Planetoids

Paradise Sound System, Africa Rising Music Conference, and Flame Studios teamed up to create a new release, 'Izinto', originally by German artist Blindsmyth and South African vocalist Toshi, the track now has a indie-disco-pop twist with The Planetoids!

The aim of the collaboration is to promote the spirit of connection and cooperation within the Afro music ecosystem and around the world. The latest remix from Hannover-based band The Planetoids gives it an indie-disco-pop twist that's sure to get you grooving!

The collaboration that brought the track originally took place at FLAME STUDIOS in Johannesburg's Central Business District on May 23, 2022. Local South African artists, including Toshi, DJ Dreas, and Thandi Draai, joined forces with European artists such as Jamie, Blindsmyth, Megablast, and MOBLACK to create this unique composition. FLAME STUDIOS, known as the "where the Flame of Democracy Burns," was rebuilt to facilitate collaborative ventures like this. Now, The Planetoids out of Hannover take the elements they like the most from the track and turn it into a completely groovy track perfect for funk and disco!

The original track features deep afro house bass notes and a steady melody that gradually introduces Toshi's vocals with the sound builds into a powerful, expressive experience, with Toshi's vocals repeating over a combination of melodic and electronic sounds crafted by Berlin-based artist Blindsmyth. According to the band, the remix first takes the amazing percussion of the original track, changes it up and adds their indie-funk twist with groovy bass lines and disco guitar riffs, and beats from The Planetoids' signature sound. We're thrilled to share this exciting collaboration with you!

Listen to the track here on soundcloud, and on all streaming platforms now here!

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