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Curtis Walsh Drops New Jam ‘Time’s Fading’

One of the amazing things about running a blog is the constant flow of music from every corner of the world that lands in your inbox.  While some of my favorite hot spots include the UK, Australia and Sweden – recently there seems to be an influx in stand out tunes coming from Ireland.  My latest find comes in the form of 18 year old singer/songwriter Curtis Walsh.

When I found his single, “Time’s Fading”, in my inbox, I was immediately taken back by the raw emotion and quality lyrics that oozed from the track.  With a clean and dynamic production consisting of not much more than rich piano and lush strings, the young crooner delivers a stand out performance.  While the lyrics express common feelings of lost love, yearning and regret, there are also underlying inflections of of hope and acceptance.  

The down tempo ballad brings just enough energy to hit deep while remaining minimal enough to allow the vocals to cut through.  With raw emotion pouring from the vocals, the song sways from beginning to end, commanding the listeners attention while also pulling hard at the heart strings.  

While this may be my first introduction to Curtis Walsh, I can say he now has my full attention and I will he keeping tabs going forward.  I suggest you do the same.

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