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Cy Spills Her Feelings On Heartbreaking Debut “My Name Next To Yours”

Spending most of her time behind the scenes, London born and Stockholm-raised songwriter Amanda Cygnaeus is stepping forward with her own artist project. Going by the name Cy, the indie-pop artist shares her new gut-wrenching tune “My Name Next to Yours.”

The song is a perfect mix of soulful melodies and alt-pop production. Starting with a simple acoustic guitar riff, the song builds into an emotional tune that’s honest and reflective. The lyrics tell a profound story of love crumbling when passionate feelings have subsided. Some truly heartbreaking lines like “pick up your phone instead of looking at me dead in the eye” and “was that last ‘I love you’ just fake” resonate so deeply and Cy’s performance echos these hints of painful moments. When it comes to the inspiration behind the song, Cy shares: 

“I wrote it after my first real heartbreak, back when me and my ex-girlfriend broke up. I have a tendency to either romanticize the past or worry about the future, so this was a way of reminding myself of what the relationship was really like and the fact that she ditched me. Kind of ‘how dare you?’ but at the same time feeling okay cause you know that you just weren’t right for each other. I had built up those emotions for a while, so the song literally flew out of me.”

Cy is the DIY solo project by colorful Stockholm-based songwriter Amanda Cygnaeus. As a songwriter, Cy has already been recognized across the industry for her characteristic vocals and ability to move freely between genres. Her dazzling, moody writing style can be heard on songs by artists such as LÉON, Iggy Azalea, Paloma Faith and Soleima. In March 2021, she is shedding light on herself for the first time with debut single “My Name Next to Yours.”

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