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  • Nicholas Zallo

Daimy Lotus Releases Empowering Anthem ‘Focus’

Daimy Lotus is our new musical crush this cold season. With her recently single ‘Focus,’ Daimy is proving exactly why she’s such an exciting rising star this year. Having been involved in music pretty much all her life, Daimy’s debut EP ’15’ exploded her onto the scene gaining radio attention. She’s even been penning multiple songs for other working musicians too. Now, Daimy is utilising every inch of her extensive experience to delve into her solo musical ventures. Her latest single comes off the back of an array of hugely successful solo singles. Notably, ‘Miracle’ is a beautiful, synth-soaked single rich with all the characteristics of a pop anthem – and with over one million streams on Spotify alone, it’s evident that this musical magic is not going unnoticed. 

‘Focus’ is a stunning single from the young creative. Showcasing the striking vocals that inaugurate Daimy Lotus as such an important artist rising the ranks this year, ‘Focus’ seems sculpted to exhibit the enticing tone Daimy demonstrates with ease. The sonic landscape absolutely synth soaked, with a driving drum line ready to get you empowered on even the greyest of winter days. Graceful guitar melodies assist Daimy’s dreamy vocals throughout the track as ‘Focus’ speaks on the reality of declining mental health during lockdown. ‘Focus’ is the inspiring anthem we’ve all been craving this harsh year and luckily for us, Daimy Lotus is is releasing her stunning single repertoire just in the nick of time.


Listen to ‘Focus’ on SPOTIFY NOW

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