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Danica Dares Set To Release Experimental Anthem ‘Paranoia Party’

Of all the things that have gone down this year, the birth of our new favourite band ‘Danica Dares’ might just be the silver lining. Formed in the constant chaos of 2020, the band loosely describe their sound as alt-indie rock, yet their consistent genre-fusing approach plants them firmly in the sonic pioneer category. Made up of Harriet McBain, Jon Haines and Richard Sanderson, Danica Dares utilise every inch of their collective musical magic to make a distinctive sound, pulsing through every track. Their upcoming single ‘Paranoia Party’ is a prime example of unique blend of ear candy. This track comes off the back of their debut single ‘Giving It Away’ – a luscious track swimming in sweeping guitar chords and subtle synths which speaks on the importance of encouraging young women to have a voice. This is the exact reason we love Danica Dares so much, they really write the truth.

Their upcoming single ‘Paranoia Party’ is oozing all the elements that make a hit. This is the second release from their upcoming debut album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ – available on Bandcamp now. Danica Dares have sculpted a soundscape rich with striking synths that support Harriet’s sensational singing throughout. With a distinct drum line that drives the experimental anthem, ‘Paranoia Party’ is the complex, charismatic track ready to burst onto our playlists when it’s released on the 29 January. Danica Dares showcase the effortless fusion of 80s elements with the expanding evolution of the new synth wave that inaugurates them as such an exciting act to watch this year. ‘Paranoia Party’ is an intense, manic and disorientating song which explores the themes of loneliness and isolation that will have touched many of us coming out of this shambles of a year. The song speaks about the all-too relatable resonant anxiety we’ve all felt to some degree when in social situations – Danica Dares just gave us a reason to dance about it. Once again, their narrative is open, honest and utterly universal, as Danica Dares curate another vibrant anthem set to get us vibing as we trudge through into 2021.

Ahead of any “official” network-wide release, the entire album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ from Danica Dares is currently available to buy on bandcamp for £5

Check out Danica Dares on FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER


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