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Dante’s “Givin’ up on Love” will have you missing live music, in a good way

You may know or have heard of Dante Deiana from his work with Barstool Sports, or for his presence on the live music scene as DJ Dante the Don. Or maybe you’ve seen him in the news partying with Rob Gronkowski. Whether you know him or not, you will soon; He is undoubtedly due for serious success and a breakout year on the Future Bass scene. Deiana has already affirmed that he is more than only a live DJ, and on his latest single “Given’ up on Love”(feat. Sam James), it becomes clear that he deserves our full attention.

“Givin’ up on Love’ embodies why so many people love Future Bass: clean vocals, experimental production, unpredictable sound choices, and hard hitting drops all add up to an energizing and intoxicating listening experience. On Dante’s latest single he demonstrates years of experience as a live DJ with his intuitive understanding of tempo manipulation and sound pairing. Effectively, many of the techniques utilized in “Givin’ up on Love” correspond with the ways in which a live DJ would control the flow of a performance and the energy of a crowd. In a sense, Dante’s latest single embodies much of the elegance and energy of the live DJ experience, all compressed into a clean 3 minute track. Furthermore, Dante’s talents as a producer translate to the complementary pairing of Sam James’ vocals with the vast and complex soundscape and engulffs “Givin’ up on Love”. In conclusion, Dante has certainly proved with this Future Bass smash that he is capable of creating complex and energizing music. Stay on the lookout for an explosive come up this year in 2021!

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