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DALE is a 24 year old songwriter/producer, originally from New York, but based in Los Angeles. His approach to making his music is simple, but well executed. Of his own work DALE says “I make music for simps like me”, but the finished product is anything but simple. Through the use of electronic rhythm and melody, DALE deliver’s a well polished and produced, catchy, new single in Fool’s Gold. Fun, relatable lyrics and a smooth-as-hell falsetto, tell the story of boy meets girl, that we can all relate to in this device-driven era.

DALE wrote Fool’s Gold in response to meeting a girl on Tinder in 2019. Swiping right, the artist subsequently went on to court, and ultimately fall head-over-heels for her. Fool’s Gold was written to chronicle the experience. Although, the chorus was written in 2017 after waking up from an afternoon dream. Dreaming up the melody, lyrics organically followed when DALE turned to his voice memo feature, to get something down. It’s pretty safe to say that DALE’s phone is largely responsible for Fool’s Gold.

The final production of Fool’s Gold turned out just as he had planned… a dreamy, surreal, sonic adventure through a binary romance for the ages. The new track from DALE is a perfect song to turn on, sit down on the couch, and drift away, listening to. The whimsical feeling of the tune perfectly captures the feeling of swiping across a new crush on an app and starting the awkward, corny, message thread, and finally forming a solid relationship from such an odd beginning.

Listen to more music from DALE, here:

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