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David Zowie is ‘The Real Don’ [VIDEO]

UK producer/DJ David Zowie is back once again with a new record and working hard to #MakeHouseGreatAgain.

Following the success of his massively popular, “House Every Weekend“, his latest release, “The Real Don“, is a dance floor bomb.  Blending elements from Garage and House and working in a Notorious BIG sample, this track is nothing short of massive.  The dubby, groovin’, high-octane release comes along with a politically charged, yet undeniably entertaining visual treatment.

In the video, Donald Trump (POTUS) goes head to head with other world leaders (Theresa May & Kim Jong-Un) in vicious dance battles on a campaign to make House great again.  While the video may have a comedic edge, there is absolutely nothing funny about this track.  I have no doubt this joint will be making its rounds in the clubs and festival circuits.

When he began to produce at the age of 12, I’m sure, “The Real Don“, couldn’t have imagined going platinum in the UK and amassing close to 50 million plays on Spotify.  While these are major accomplishment for the House music maestro, I have no doubt he will be adding some further accolades to his repertoire over the coming years.

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