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Dayton James Releases His New Silky and Vibrant R&B track, "EverWas.", featuring Olivia B

Originally from South East London, Dayton James currently resides in Ontario, Canada, and has a knack for creating soulful, lyrical, and plush lo-fi songs. His newest release,Everwas.", featuring Olivia B,is no exception.

“Everwas.” is an incredible silky lo-fi track with vibrant R&B melodies and bedroop pop production. Oliva B’s sweet-silvery soft vocals drive the melody in this chill atmospheric song, while Dayton James' warm and rich tone contrasts against it, creating the most perfect harmonies. The rhythm is slick and slow, allowing the luscious instrumentals to soar and take center stage. The simple arrangement and minimal instrumentals of “Everwas.” prove that simple production can create addictive tracks as much as maximalist production can. The instrumentals are subtle and bouncy, giving Dayton and Olivia the space to soar through notes and show off their musical prowess with impromptu adlibs and glossy vocal runs.

“Ever was.” is the perfect track to daydream and chill to. It sticks out from current R&B tracks with its complex and interesting musical dynamics, non-repetitive instrumentals, and punchy beats. Dayton James’ vocals are soulful and filled with character and passion. His tone is rich and blendable, gliding against the rhythm and chords of his track like a paintbrush to a canvas. Dayton jumps in out of adlibs like that of R&B legend, all the while, pushing the lengths of vocal production by stacking multiple harmonies to create a velvety choir of his own fluffy and vibrant voice.

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