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Dayton James Stuns with Second Single ‘Already Won’ [VIDEO]

Just about a month or so ago, new artist Dayton James landed firmly on our radar with this jam…

Raised in the UK and now based in Toronto, the young crooner found solace in music from a young age, eventually beginning to write and landing credits on tracks alongside some major artists including international superstar Shaggy.  Having recently decided to take his solo career my the reigns, Dayton James is now prepping the release of his debut EP and his first two singles are absolute gems. 

Following up on, “Change My Ways”, Dayton James has recently unleashed second single, “Already Won”.  Finding his stride on vibrant, contemporary R&B grooves, Dayton James delivers silky vocals and memorable lyrics to make his tunes cut deep.  Along with the new tune, he has also dropped off an official video that features cinematic desert landscapes and beautiful, free flowing choreography that works perfectly with the tunes laid back, hypnotic vibe. 

With both singles already making waves, I have no doubt that Dayton James has more up his sleeve for his forthcoming EP.  Make sure you keep an eye out for it.  I’m sure it will be a beaut. 

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