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Dazy Chain Drops Summer Ready Bop "Right Back Around"

Over the last couple of years, buzzing artist Dazy Chain has been on a mission, delivering jam after jam while slowly, but surely grabbing the attention of fans and tastemakers around the globe. Having only launched the project in 2021, Dazy Chain brings a genre-bending feel and an effortless swag with every new release, making it easy to see how he has managed to rack up millions of streams to date.

Most recently, Dazy Chain has released the end of summer anthem, "Right Back Around", which he says, "Sounds like The Kooks produced a song for Lil Nas X." The lighthearted new single features his signature/unmistakable flow, incredibly catchy melodies and a bubbling bounce that is hard to deny. There is nothing too deep or serious going on here, just shut your mind off, turn up your speakers and let this tunes energy do the rest. A slick little bounce, clean instrumentation and some melodic 808's set the tone on the production while Dazy Chain skates on top with some playful lyrics, ensuring that this tune brings a major vibe from beginning to end.

Included as part of his debut, "Alley-Oop", EP, make sure you do yourself a favor and add this one to your collection. It's a mood-booster for sure.

Listen to more like Dazy Chain here:

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