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"Dead Weight" is the epitomy of familial skill as John and Xan Castel feed the electric floor.

Father and Son Dou John and Xan Castel gave me a burst of uncontrollable bop as "Dead Weight" blasted over my headphones, fading out the world and taking me to the best electro city in the universe.

It seems like something out of the best biopic on the Oscar circuit - a father and son duo that not only inspired and carried each other but also moulded and melded their careers into one cohesive and utterly bopping whole - "Dead Weight" is a speed bop layered with club-dance, synth-wave keys and the rushing flows of techno - the track would be at home in the dark neon washed walls of your local dance-house - it would make a castle out of almost any dance-party.

"Dead Weight" is the midnight refresh, the ultimate mix of beats, synths and familial bonds - making it the most rad track this side of the moon.

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