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Dean Lewis Shines on ‘Be Alright’ [VIDEO]

Since the release of his single, “Waves”, in 2017, Australian singer/songwriter Dean Lewis has been a force to be reckoned with.  Having racked up hundreds of millions of streams to date and keeping up with a busy touring schedule, his real life lyrics, impressive vocals and dynamic musical abilities continue to set him apart from the pack.

Continuing his push towards international stardom, Dean Lewis has recently released his new single, “Be Alright”.  The stunning new jam relies on acoustic guitar, swelling background vocals and minimal percussion that lay the bed for Dean Lewis to soar.  The modern day break up song sees the rising star touching in the anguish and hardship that comes along with losing someone you love.  From soul crushing verses, Dean Lewis transforms the tune into a hopeful and empowering tune – letting the listener know that even a broken heart can heal with time.

On top of the single, Dean Lewis has also teamed up with Vevo for an official performance to add even more depth and emotion to the tune.  With no bells or whistles to distract from the soul of the song, Lewis gives a powerful, raw performance that cuts deep.  

If acoustic tracks may not quite be your cup of tea, rising Colombian producer Trevy has also taken the tune and flipped it into something a bit more dance floor friendly.  Having had an impressive year in his own right, Trevy has accumulated close to 1M streams and found support from the likes of Tiesto and Moska.

Holding onto the emotion that makes the original so powerful, Trevy and a bit more pump and a lot more groove.  Building on the songs original melody, Trevy adds his own flavor to the release – creating a beautifully melodic, danceable, Future inspired jam.

If you haven’t yet heard of Dean Lewis – He is without a doubt an artist to watch.  With the impressive resume he has already built, I have no doubt his success will continue for some time to come.

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